Château Yquem in Sauternes

Château d’Yquem is at once a legend, a miracle of nature, and a wine like not other. Open a bottle of Yquem and time stands still…

John Wayne used to say: « Ici le shérif s’appelle Yquem, le Rio Bravo le Ciron, et l’or le Sauternes ».


For centuries, Château d’Yquem has been served at the grandest celebrations and to the world’s most illustrious figures: from European kings to Russian czars to Japanese emperors. The world’s best chefs serve Yquem in their restuarants and even create specifically tailored dishes in the quest for an incomparable pairing.

Yquem’s aura shines beyond realm of gastronomy. It was named Premier Cru Supérieur following Napoleon III’s 1855 request for classification. Château d’Yquem also inspires artists, musicians, painters, poets and writers. French writer Frédéric Dard described Yquem as « light that one drinks »

The vineyard

465 Acres (188 ha) including 272 Acres (110 ha) of vines: 80% Sémillon, 20% Muscadelle

Botrytised grapes


@FrenchWineLove On the left: Sauvignon grapes, on the right: Sémillon grapes


@FrenchWineLove – I am standing here in their lovely garden !



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